Xavier Duburcq

  PhotoXavier Duburcq is the International Business development Director of Altran in charge of the Life Sciences Sector. Xavier was graduated in 2000 as an Industrial Pharmacist, and held a PhD in 2003 from the Lille University of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences. Xavier has started his career as project manager for Biotech & Medical devices companies. He joined Altran in 2007 and held successfully a business manager position and then became operations director in charge of the Life Sciences division of Altran in Belgium, leading an activity of +100 consultants supporting the major local players. He is now in charge of developing and coordinating the Altran’s Life Sciences practice on a global scale, which represents a network of 1200 consultants present in 15 countries, establishing group relationship at corporate level with major Pharmaceutical actors as well as developing innovative practices/solutions to answer to the main industry pain points & challenges. During his career, he has developed specific expertise inside Altran around compliance and quality issues, and especially around quality systems improvement. In particular, Xavier has created the Altran World Class Center for Quality & Compliance, which supports more than 50 different pharmaceutical actors all over the world.