Brian Henry

  PhotoI completed my first degree in Pharmacy at the University of Manchester followed by a year working in community Pharmacy before studying for my PhD at the University of Nottingham. My PhD started to develop my core research interests of biopharmaceutics and Drug Delivery. I then spent two years working for Glaxo within a Discovery drug metabolism environment designing drugs to work specifically within the GI tract. In 1992, I moved to Pfizer in Sandwich, UK, to help set up a Pharmaceutical Sciences Discovery support group. I led the Sandwich Research Pharmaceutical Sciences group and the Global Research Formulation Network providing formulation and drug delivery support to all programs from early Research through a positive Proof of Concept. I have also been the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research leader for A&R, Pain and GI/GU Research units and the Global Clinical Research leadership team. In addition, I was the global Pharmaceutical Science leader for Intellectual Property and technical leader for all merger and acquisition due diligence activities. I now lead the Drug Product Group, with formulation and material scientists in the UK/USA responsible for commercial solid form, formulation and manufacturing process development from early research through, regulatory submission and transfer to commercial manufacturing facilities.