Philip Sumner

Philip Sumner is Sr. Manager and Regulated Utilities SME, with the Pfizer Global Engineering Operations Team supporting all phases of PGM regulated utility projects on a global basis. He has 25 years experience in manufacturing, project and construction management and consulting. For the past 10 years he has supported projects at 80+ legacy and current Pfizer related facilities. Responsibilities include support of critical utility systems and related projects (design, build and operation) as well as execution of operation, good practice and energy assessments at sites. He recently co-developed and now leading the Water Sustainability Network providing water supply and wastewater expertise and support to sites. In addition to project work, Philip is co-author, reviewer and leader of a number of internal Pfizer and external document development efforts including ISPE and WHO. Philip is a registered Professional Engineer (CT) and holds a BSCE and MS from Tufts University.