Larry Kranking

  PhotoLarry Kranking has a record of extraordinary accomplishments leading start-ups, implementing innovative regulatory strategies, as a pharmaceutical executive, of over forty years experience. Currently he is the President and CEO for Coldstream Laboratories, Inc. and is leading this start-up parenteral company focused on high potency products and is currently experiencing a 45% growth spurt. Kranking is well versed in parenteral manufacturing, plus OSD, transdermals, liquid, cream and ointments and has led efficiency improvements in operations and as member of management teams. Kranking is a recognized leader in the industry with assignments from pharmaceutical industry and FDA to lead various teams of scientists, engineers and regulatory experts. He has been instrumental in the start-up of facilities for Boehringer Ingelheim and Eisai Inc. and has outstanding record of minimal 483 observations from FDA (none at Eisai Inc.) and no observations from international regulatory inspection bodies. Kranking has implemented process assessment and improvement systems for solid dosage and parenteral manufacturing operations in India and the USA.