Peter Marshall

  PhotoPeter Marshall is Principal Technology Engineer, AstraZeneca. His responsibilities include Company Global Subject Matter Expert for containment systems and Project Technical Manager for multiple offshore OSD developments. He is also responsible for procuring, implementing and installing appropriate technology to meet the client requirements. Originally trained as a Biochemical Engineer at University College London, Peter has worked for ICI/Zeneca/AstraZeneca for 27 years, with more than 15 years in his current role. Previous projects include lead process engineer for manufacturing scale specialised sterile facilities for the manufacture of a novel injectable solid depot product, manufacturing scale high containment OSD plant, and multiple API manufacturing and development scale facility installations. His ISPE activities include Co-chair Containment CoP 2006-9, Member of Author teams for ‘SMEPAC’ containment system testing good practice guide (1st and 2nd Editions), and Risk-MaPP Cross Containment Baseline® Guide. He also served as Chair of ISPE Containment Forums in Europe 2006-2007.