Peter Petrillo

  PhotoPeter A. Petrillo is a Principal Consultant with Millennium Facilities Resources, Inc. He has over 23 years of experience in the design, construction, operation and trouble-shooting of Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Electronics Grade and Industrial Grade Water Systems. He has extensive hands on experience with numerous high purity water technologies including ultrafiltration, microfiltration, double pass reverse osmosis and electrodeionization. Mr. Petrillo has led numerous patent development projects and pilot studies involving advanced double pass RO technology and ultrafiltration. Peter has been a consultant to most of the large pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms throughout the U.S. His expertise includes detailed field auditing and trouble-shooting of purified water and water for injection production systems and the associated analytical testing for each. Peter is an active member of the ASME Bio Process Equipment Surface Finish Sub-Committee and the associated SF Rouge Task Force, the Process Instrumentation Sub-Committee, as well as the ISPE Boston chapter. He is a contributing author to both the ASME BPE Standard and the ISPE Water & Steam Baseline Guide. Several years ago, Peter invented and developed a novel Predictive Maintenance Program for the detection of Rouge in Pharmaceutical Water and Steam Systems. This innovative, non-invasive program allows for the development of a science based approach to determine the proper frequency for de-rouging and re- passivating a water or steam system. Peter is the former Corporate Vice President of Zenon Environmental, Inc. and President of Zenon Environmental Systems, US, Inc. He holds Bachelors Degrees in both Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering.