Esther Sadler-Williams

  PhotoEsther is currently Global Director, Strategic Alliance Development and Innovation for Catalent Pharma Solutions Catalent is a clinical solutions provider with a broad range of expert devices that drive more efficient development timelines to help clients bring more compounds and better products to the market faster. Catalent acquired Aptuit CTS in February 2012, a company which had previously acquired Almedica where Esther was Director of Client Development having been a founder member of the then 10 year old European facility. (Almedica provided contract services for clinical supplies including packaging, labelling and distribution). So Esther has worked for 3 different companies for over 19 years without moving offices! As a pharmacist, Esther has had over 30 years experience in various pharmaceutical fields including 5 years with Sanofi Winthrop where she was Head of Research Services during which time she managed groups of CRA.’s medical writers and information/adverse event surveillance specialists. Previous roles include Principal Pharmacist with the Regional Drug Information Service at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, and Pharmacy Manager with Boots the Chemist. Esther is also a past Chair of ISPE’s EU Investigational Products COP and has been a participant on a number of ISPE task teams as well as a lead author for the ISPE guidance document on NIMPs.