Helen Underwood

  PhotoAt Fisher, Helen Underwood places particular emphasis on defining innovative solutions to best address clients’ needs. Instrumental in applying client perspective to all aspects of relationship development, Mrs. Underwood is recognised for consistently delivering results, making difficult decisions and providing an analytical and logical approach to issues. A registered pharmacist, Helen Underwood gained her BSc in Pharmacy from Heriot-Watt University, and qualified from the State Hospital Sector. She obtained her MBA from Warwick Business School. A seasoned pharmaceutical industry professional with 20+ years in the IMP environment, Mr. Underwood spent her early career within R&D at a large multinational company. She collaborated with clinical research and instigated external best practice benchmarking to implement a new infrastructure for IVRS trial management/distribution and developed several automation solutions. As a practitioner in clinical trial supply and project management she has particular focus on risk mitigation and supply chain management to reduce timelines and cost while maximizing efficiencies.