Robert Lammens

  PhotoDr. Rob Lammens studied Physical Chemistry at the University of Utrecht and completed his PhD at the department of Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Leiden. From 1981 until 2004, Rob worked at the Pharmaceutical Technology Department of Bayer AG in Leverkusen. He worked mainly within the field of solid dosage forms on a variety of projects such as: • formulation development and scale up projects (roller compaction, fluid bed and high shear granulation) • trouble shooting in product manufacturing • development and improvement of manufacturing equipment (high shear and fluid bed granulators, tablet presses, roller compactors and film coating equipment), providing them with appropriate measurement devices and data acquisition systems • automation projects (e.g. unattended tableting) • implementation of PAT principles to production processes Rob has been running the company Technical Services Consult Lammens since 2011 and is a lecturer at the University of Bonn (Pharmaceutical Technology), where he has coached several projects on dry granulation with roller compactors