J. Robert Adamson

  PhotoBob Adamson, is a consultant with RBQ Services Limited and former manager of pharmaceutical compliance with Foster Wheeler in Reading, U.K., where he is responsible for all compliance and validation services. He has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including positions with Foster Wheeler, Beecham, and Glaxo, and experience in R&D, production management for APIs, and sterile manufacturing. He has been responsible for the start-up of new facilities and a number of major refurbishments. He is a chartered chemist and chartered chemical engineer. At Foster Wheeler his recent experience has included compliance and regulatory topics, validation of oral and sterile dosage forms, and biotechnology and API facilities to meet EU, FDA, and MHW requirements. He worked with a wide variety of clients and on occasions has represented them at FDA meetings. He is an active Member of ISPE and has written and presented a number of papers and contributed to a number of books. He has been involved with ISPE’s commissioning and qualification initiative since its conception, is currently Co-chair of the CoP Steering Committee, and is ISPE's project manager for the development of Baseline® Guide Volume 12 Science and risk based approach for the delivery of Facilities, systems, Equipment and associated automation. He was elected U.K. Fellow of the Year in 2003, and has been past chair of the U.K. Southern Region and is the Chair elect of the U.K. Affiliate taking over April 2009