Julian Wilkins

  PhotoJulian Wilkins is founder and Vice President with PharmaConsult US, Inc. In 1991 he founded a UK based isolator company for the emerging need for pharmaceutical containment. The company carried out many projects worldwide for aseptic and potent cross contamination and containment at all scales of pharmaceutical operation. He moved to the US in 1997 and set up PharmaConsult US in 1999. Since its formation, the company has provided independent advice, design and support for patient safety (cross-contamination regulatory and quality issues) and occupational safety (containment). Wilkins is also an adjunct professor at Steven’s Institute in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Engineering Master’s program. Wilkins is a core team member of the Risk-MaPP Baseline® Guide team. Wilkins is a past recipient of the prestigious ISPE Member of the Year award. Mr. Wilkins has spoken at many seminars worldwide on the subject of containment and has contributed articles and chapters to periodicals and books on cross contamination and containment.