Guy Wingate

  PhotoDr. Wingate is Vice President and Compliance Officer for Global Manufacturing & Supply (GMS) at GSK. In this role which he has held since 2010 he is responsible to assuring there is a robust internal control framework and effective risk management in place across the integrated supply chain managed by GMS. His duties include overseeing investigations into potential breaches of corporate policy and company values. Dr. Wingate is a member of the Executive Leadership Team for GMS and is the designated Compliance Officer responsible for ensuring GSK fulfil the manufacturing obligations set forth in the GSK Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). He also acted as Global Risk Officer supporting the GSK Corporate Executive Team Risk Oversight & Compliance Committee between 2013 and 2015.

Dr. Wingate has worked with a number of regulatory authorities including FDA and MHRA since the early 1990s to help them develop regulatory requirements and inspection strategy. He chaired the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) GAMP group for ten years up to 2010 and was the task team leader for the acclaimed GAMP4 and GAMP5 computer compliance industry guides. He is currently on the ISPE Working Party updating Electronic Records and Signatures Guidance to include Data Integrity. He was also an elected member of the ISPE International Board of Directors between 2008-2012.