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How and where do I turn in my presentation? 

  • E-Community Instructions for PowerPoints
    • Go to
    • Enter login and password. (If you don't know your login and/or password, call Julianne Rill at +1-813-960-2105 x214).
    • If needed, click on View all other communities
    • Click name of seminar
    • Click View complete document archive.
      • To upload your presentation click add document to archive.
      • Type a description for your presentation, browse for the file and click upload.
      • To view a presentation, click on the name of the presentation. You may open or save.
      • Please contact Julianne Rill at once your document is uploaded

Why do you ask for my presentation (PPT) so far ahead of the conference? 

  • People who register for ISPE education like to have access to presenters' PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and perhaps other handout materials. ISPE is striving to be as green as possible. Thus, we process the PPTs into secure, password protected PDFs and post them on the website to make access available to registrants one week ahead of the first day of the conference.
  • A typical conference may have more than 100 PPTs. Each of these is received by ISPE, reviewed for legibility and format (including logo usage and commercialism), and then reviewed for content. As you can imagine, this takes a considerable amount of time from several staff members. Thus, the first due date is two months prior to the start of a conference and the final due date is one month prior. In this way ISPE staff can help remind presenters that these are due.
  • There is a second reason as well. Between the two months when PPTs are requested and due, Presenters are invited to a one-hour conference call to review the seminar agenda. This review allows for discussion of overlaps and possibly omissions and makes for a more integrated set of presentations. Thus, it works best to prepare these presentations between three- and two-months out.

What are the ISPE guidelines for my PPT presentation? 

  • ISPE will review and edit according to these guidelines:
    • Use words sparingly on slides, including words on charts, graphs, and photos
    • Use the largest font possible, 32 pt is recommended. Use no font < 24 pt.
    • If copying a visual with heavy text to a slide, use the Microsoft Paint program available on most computers, to white out words
    • You are expected to use the Notes Option. Script your talking points, as much as you like, in the Notes Section. If your slides are too text heavy, ISPE may move some of the detail to the Notes View. We will use Notes View to make the handouts!
    • No more than six lines per slide and no more than six words per line! Less is more; put any detail into the notes view. See examples:
  • Commercialism
    • ISPE volunteers work for companies, but ISPE has been and will continue to strive to maintain a lack of commercial intent in its education programs
  • Company logo requirements
    • Companies may put their logo on the first slide in a size comparable to the size of the ISPE logo.
    • Additional logos and company names on photos of equipment and the like will need to be Photoshopped out
  • Notes Section - How to Use
    • In PPT, click on the top navigation, View, and then on Notes Page
    • Put any detail or even script your talk in the notes section under the slide
    • Handouts will be printed like this ( 89 KB) so that registrants have the full information, yet the slide shown on the screen remains readable. This example shows you how two slides will look and how the notes pages from those slides will look.
  • Do I have to use ISPE's template?
    • Please use ISPE template. Exceptions are made for Regulatory agencies and Federal Governments
  • Can I add my company's copyright to the presentation?
    • If you selected shared copyright in your agreement indicated shared copyright, then yes.
  • Can I use music, photos or movies in my presentation?
    • You are certainly encouraged to make your presentation as interesting as possible.
    • Please make sure to bring the video files with you to install on the presentation computer.
    • However, ISPE Presenter agreement assigns the burden of permission to use copyrighted material and references to you, so please obtain permission before you insert.
  • How can I use sound in my presentation?
    • Just ask us to obtain computer to house sound for your session and we will see that the proper connections are made.
  • Internet access during my presentation
    • If you need active internet access during your presentation, it may be possible.
    • Often it is just as easy to preserve the web pages and click through them as if they are live, and still deliver the same message.
    • Internet access costs at hotel conference rooms can be as high as $750 a day. However, it seems that prices are coming down so please discuss any internet needs with as soon as you are aware that you may wish to request it.
    • On what kind of computer will my presentation be hosted during the seminar?
      • ISPE will provide a laptop with an XP operating system and Microsoft Office 2007.

Legal review of my presentation takes time! 

  • We understand that obtaining legal review takes time. Waiting for that review may make it very hard for ISPE to process their review, as per the answer to the question above, "What are the ISPE guidelines for my PPT presentation?" In order to streamline this, and if you are comfortable with this solution, perhaps you would submit a draft with a special name. YourlastnamePENDINGLEGALREVIEW.ppt. This will ensure that we don't accidentally publish before we receive your permission, yet we are able to get our work done too.

Will you make handouts out of my presentation? 

  • Yes, we will turn your handouts into secure, pass word protected PDFs and post on the ISPE website for download by registrants.
  • Sample handouts of notes pages ( 89 KB)
  • If you have a particularly complex slide that is critical to your talk, but which will be too small as embedded in the PPT to be effective, we will be glad to take those one or two pages and add them as full page PDFs at the end of the handout. That is, send us that complex document as a document (Word page or Excel page, for instance) not embedded in the PPT and we will add it/them to the end of the handout .pdf.
  • The posting takes place, and registrants are notified, one week prior to the first day of the conference
  • Handouts are not printed, shipped, and distributed on site. This causes some angst among registrants who have not had the time to read communication from ISPE. You can help by announcing that slides are numbered, and that attendees can simply note the number of the slide to which they wish to take notes, and they can subsequently download the handouts to go with their notes.
  • We do not encourage this, but if it happens .. if you have brought an edited version of your presentation that is newer than the posted handouts, ISPE will update and repost to the ISPE website, as well as notify attendees that updates are ready to access. Please notify CE staff upon arrival so that we can download the new version.
  • Only conference registrants have access to handouts on the ISPE website.

Are my presentations secure on the site from someone taking my information? 

  • ISPE prepares handouts as secure, pass word protected PDFs. Thus every effort is made to ensure security.

How long will it be available to attendees on the website? 

  • Handouts are left accessible until the next ISPE conference, usually about three months. They are then removed.
  • ISPE does maintain the handouts and upon direct request from an attendee, does occasionally email the handout.

Audience Response System 

What is the Audience Response System? Where is the software? How do I use it?

  • Congratulations on considering to use this engaging tool during your session. It is not only fun, but gives you a real opportunity to understand your audience, get their attention -- and keep it.
  • The Turning Technologies Audience Response System is software that works as an add-on to PowerPoint and allows you to embed polling questions - and the attendees to answer them, in real time, where the responses appear in the next slide as histograms. It will be installed on the presentation computer. You will need to install on your computer to build the presentation
  • It is very engaging, energizes an audience, and is simply fun. It is incredibly easy to use.
  • Here is how to obtain and use the free software; staff members are anxious to help you use this tool to add interactivity into your presentations. Email Julianne Rill at for assistance.
  • It takes about one hour to become proficient with the software and to build your polling questions.
  • Go to Turning Technologies
  • On the left, see the menu item "download TurningPoint"
  • Select this one:
  • It will install an icon on your desktop. If you want to use PowerPoint without TurningPoint, boot PPT as normal. To use TurningPoint, boot from the TurningPoint icon and it will open PPT with the TurningPoint toolbar.
  • You can read about, or attend a training event. Find training events here:

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