FDA Center For Veterinary Medicine

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Quick Questions on CVM

Information About CVM



  • FDA's Center For Veterinary Medicine (30:09)
  • This thirty minute video provides an overview of all CVM activities and responsibilities.

  • FDA Basics: Tracey Forfa, JD on the Human-Animal Bond and Public Health (6:15)
  • Tracey Forfa is executive director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine. This small center plays an important role in the lives of Americans -- farmers, dog and cat lovers, and all the rest -- by paying close attention to the many connections humans have with animals. "Were looking closely at how we can prevent contaminants in animals. And she reminds everyone that what gets fed to animals, especially food animals, ultimately gets fed to humans."

  • FDA Basics: Dr. Margaret Oeller on FDA's Office of Minor Use and Minor Species (9:54)
  • The Food & Drug Administration's Office of Minor Use and Minor Species Animal Drug Development works with other government agencies and industry to develop and approve pharmaceuticals for so called minor species; zoo and circus animals, exotic animals, and farm animals, such as goats and sheep.


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