Effective Project Leadership - Are you managing or are you leading - Understanding the distinction

Many young professionals enter the work force having had little, if any, experience leading people. They have had exposure to the experience of managing tasks and activities during their educational journey and early work opportunities. Employers are experiencing in young professionals a lack of understanding of the importance of the "softer" skills that can be key to the success of their projects and in their advancement. This presentation will begin to provide insights and provoke the young professionals interest into the criticality of leadership skills in the workplace. Most people have heard the adage that you “manage things and you lead people”. Yet, there is a prevalence of managing behaviors in the world of project management. When the question is posed…"What are the attributes or characteristics of leaders you most admire?”... the majority of responses never include managing-type behaviors. Attributes and characteristics of true leaders fall into an entirely different category. The discussion within this presentation will expose the young professional to: the distinctions between managing and leading; the mindsets that underlie each of these approaches; examples of behaviors prevalent in each style. The presentation is intended to challenge the young professional’s thinking so that they can begin to establish how they want to “show up” as a leader in their career. The expectation is that upon completion of this presentation they will begin to have a basis for recognizing managing and leading behaviors, have begun to developed a self-awareness of the style that they currently use and recognize the importance of leadership behaviors in successful project management careers. In addition to the information that will be presented during the discussion, the attendee will receive a listing of recommended resources that they can use to advance their understanding and study of quality leadership.