Project Execution in Emerging Markets

Delivering projects in emerging markets reveals challenges beyond those found in the already challenging developed world. While it’s already demanding to organize dozens of internal and external organizations towards common goals of schedule, budget, safety and quality, these words rarely represent the same norms in rising economies. This session focuses on the keys to successful delivery of biopharmaceutical facilities beyond traditional borders. Successful project delivery requires knowledge of the local market, understanding of local regulations and relationships with permitting and regulatory agencies. A robust execution platform will blend this local knowledge into a set of proven execution methods, systems and tools minimizing the risk of building in new regions. Every successful project depends on a robust and actionable risk identification and mitigation plan. Additionally, these pioneering projects do best when the interfaces between organizations are minimized and the first project is a simple beachhead. Consideration of local practices and methods must always occur in spite of how it’s always worked best elsewhere. Because it may not work at all, if the culture is not respected. Careful avoidance of arrogance and seeking to learn the most about the local suppliers is fundamental. This presentation presents both strategic and tactical recommendations for successful delivery of projects abroad.