Trends of Barrier Technology in China and Japan

Topics to be covered: Requirement to establish a technology to achieve both aseptic and containment; To develop a highly economical Electron beam sterilization system; Application of robot technology into Barrier systems; Trends of the GMPs and Barrier technology in China. The barrier technologies have evolved into their own unique development in Japan and China. Japan, planning to join into the PIC/S, has had growth of introducing isolators and RABs, and new technical features have been developed such as aseptic & containment isolator and combined with E-beam and robots. In case of China, who introduced new GMP regulation have also remarkable progress of barrier technologies, we will also give you a perspective about the current status in this technology. In this presentation, you can learn how you can establish the system to achieve both aseptic and containment, and what is the isolator using E-beam system. And in addition, you can recognize the current developing status in the up-dated barrier system in China.