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Certification Study Groups

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CPIP Study Groups

The CPIP certification is transitioning to a recertification credential on November 30, 2013. This transition includes an opportunity for candidates who have already submitted an application or who are currently engaged in study groups to proceed to obtain the credential if they wish, but they must submit the eligibility application by November 30, 2013 and must take and pass the exam by May 31, 2014.

Individuals in the Study Groups are encouraged to continue in the study group even if they do not plan to proceed with the CPIP credential. We are hopeful that study group leaders and chapter and affiliate leadership can continue the study groups for the learning and networking value, as well as the possibility that some members might wish to obtain the CPIP credential.

Study Group Resources

ISPE provides resources to assist in forming and sponsoring CPIP study groups, including:

  1. A CPIP Facilitators Guide (How to form a CPIP Study Group in Affiliates & Chapters). This guide describes how to effectively run a study group including how to access a series of 17 Fundamental Industry Knowledge (CPIP online courses) which have been developed by ISPE to assist CPIP candidates in expanding their knowledge of topics associated with the 7 Knowledge elements.
  2. Access to a CPIP practice exam to help candidates understand the types of questions that might be asked on the CPIP examination.

These resources are available in the CPIP area of the Affiliate and Chapter Resources.

The Study Group leader (facilitator) is not required to be a CPIP.  It is only necessary that the Study Group leader be an industry professional who is interested in CPIP and capable of organizing and leading a group of professionals in this guided learning activity. 

To learn more contact Michael Phelan ( for help in getting started.

Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

"I believe that the credential has made me more confident and I feel that my clients engage me in more philosophical discussions on pharmaceutical industry subject matter. I get the sense that my clients 'listen' to me in a more serious 'in tune' way."

Marc Fleischman, CPIP, Facility and Verification Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

"I chose to pursue the CPIP certification as a way to learn new phases of the industry and to codify my existing knowledge. As I prepared and studied for the exam, I was challenged to develop a broader understanding of many industry concepts that I had not been routinely exposed to. The experience has left me with a deep understanding of GMP regulation and broad industry knowledge across the entire bio/pharm lifecycle."