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Benefits of Certification

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The CPIP program is closed to new candidates from Nov 30, 2013

The Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional (CPIP) program…

  • Establishes standards of competency for pharmaceutical industry professionals
  • Assesses the competences (knowledge and skills) demonstrated by pharmaceutical professionals
  • Encourages growth and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Formally recognizes individuals who meet the requirements established by ISPE PCC
  • Serves the public and pharmaceutical industry employers by improving the competence, quality, and effectiveness of pharmaceutical professionals
  • Contributes to pharmaceutical industry innovation

How can becoming a CPIP help you? Lots of ways! You get…

  • Certified to an international competency standard
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Industry-wide recognition
  • Greater career mobility
  • A competitive edge when job seeking
  • A professional development pathway

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How can having CPIPs on staff help your organization? Lots of ways! Your organization gets…

  • Professionals with diverse knowledge and skills certified to an international competency standard
  • A recruiting standard
  • Pharmaceutical-focused professional development for employees
  • Enhanced efficiency and improved operational quality
  • Company competitive advantage

See what Industry has to say...

Please contact Michael Phelan at with any questions or concerns regarding CPIP promotions.

Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

"I believe that the credential has made me more confident and I feel that my clients engage me in more philosophical discussions on pharmaceutical industry subject matter. I get the sense that my clients 'listen' to me in a more serious 'in tune' way."

Marc Fleischman, CPIP, Facility and Verification Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

"I chose to pursue the CPIP certification as a way to learn new phases of the industry and to codify my existing knowledge. As I prepared and studied for the exam, I was challenged to develop a broader understanding of many industry concepts that I had not been routinely exposed to. The experience has left me with a deep understanding of GMP regulation and broad industry knowledge across the entire bio/pharm lifecycle."