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Meet the Commissioners

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The PCC consists of Commissioners representing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug product development and manufacturing industry, government regulatory organizations, academia, practitioners from professional service provider organizations, and the general public.

A full biography is available for many of the Commissioners. Click the photo or the Commissioner's name for a full biography.

Piero M. Armenante

Mr. Piero M. Armenante, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Pharmaceutical Engineering Program
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Otto H. York Department of Chemical Engineering

Patrick Asplund

Mr. Patrick Asplund, Ph.D.
Director Engineering
Cook Pharmica

Anders Brummerstedt, CPIP

Mr. Anders Brummerstedt, CPIP
Senior Project Manager and
Computer Systems Quality Specialist

Charles Clerecuzio, CPIP

Charles Clerecuzio, P.E., CPIP
CMJ Consulting Group

Terry Costello

Mr. Terry W. Costello
President & COO
Yonkers Industries, Inc.

Gail L. Dempsey, PhD.

Gail L. Dempsey, PhD.
Manager Operations
Boehringer-Ingleheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Richard J. Lawless

Richard J. Lawless, CPIP
Associate Director, Strategic Programs
BTEC at NC State University

Robert Lechich, CPIP

Robert Lechich, CPIP
Director Operational Excellence
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Ronald Massey

Mr. Ronald Massey
Senior Director Global Engineering
Pfizer, Inc.

Christine D. Niero

Christine D. Niero, Ph.D.
VP Professional Certifiaction and Client Development
Professional Testing, Inc.
Washington , DC

Joe Robinson

Mr. Joe Robinson
Project Manager
Commissioning Agents

Charles Stock

Mr. Charles Stock
Sr. Vice President/Principal

Robert F. Wagner

Mr. Robert F. Wagner
Director, Project Management & Strategic Planning
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

"I believe that the credential has made me more confident and I feel that my clients engage me in more philosophical discussions on pharmaceutical industry subject matter. I get the sense that my clients 'listen' to me in a more serious 'in tune' way."

Marc Fleischman, CPIP, Facility and Verification Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

"I chose to pursue the CPIP certification as a way to learn new phases of the industry and to codify my existing knowledge. As I prepared and studied for the exam, I was challenged to develop a broader understanding of many industry concepts that I had not been routinely exposed to. The experience has left me with a deep understanding of GMP regulation and broad industry knowledge across the entire bio/pharm lifecycle."