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Certification Practice Exam

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The CPIP program is closed to new candidates from Nov 30, 2013


The CPIP examination is a multiple choice (four choices) computer-based examination. Each question will have only one correct answer.

The following questions and answers are intended to provide the CPIP candidate with the type and style of questions/answers that may be encountered on the examination. The Practice exam questions/answers will not be used on the CPIP examination.

With the answers each question will be identified as to the technical competency knowledge element it represents.

The Professional Certification Commission recommends utilizing the practice exam as a knowledge gap analysis tool to identify those knowledge areas requiring study in preparation for the exam.

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Sam DeMarco, CPIP, President Compliance Team Inc, United States

"I believe that the credential has made me more confident and I feel that my clients engage me in more philosophical discussions on pharmaceutical industry subject matter. I get the sense that my clients 'listen' to me in a more serious 'in tune' way."

Marc Fleischman, CPIP, Facility and Verification Engineer, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company

"I chose to pursue the CPIP certification as a way to learn new phases of the industry and to codify my existing knowledge. As I prepared and studied for the exam, I was challenged to develop a broader understanding of many industry concepts that I had not been routinely exposed to. The experience has left me with a deep understanding of GMP regulation and broad industry knowledge across the entire bio/pharm lifecycle."