Editorial Calendar

2016 Editorial Calendar

Manuscripts Due: 2 September 2015Publishes: 1 February 2016
Ads Close: 21 December 2015Ad Materials Due: 29 December 2015
Editorial Focus: How is the industry applying sustainability principles to the manufacturing of facilities and medicines around the world?
Special Report: Quality Metrics
Bonus Distribution: Aseptic Conference, EU Frankfurt Conference
Manuscripts Due: 4 November 2015Publishes: 4 April 2016
Ads Close: 15 February 2016Ad Materials Due: 23 February 2016
Editorial Focus: You say quality, I say compliance. Are we speaking the same language?
Supplement: Data Integrity
Bonus Distribution: TBA
Manuscripts Due: 13 January 2016Publishes: 6 June 2016
Ads Close: 18 April 2016Ad Materials Due: 26 April 2016
Editorial Focus: Are China and India the new frontier for the biotechnology industry?
Supplement: Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA)
Bonus Distribution: June Conference
Manuscripts Due:  9 March 2016Publishes: 1 August 2016
Ads Close: 20 June 2016Ad Materials Due: 28 June 2016
Editorial Focus: Manufacturing risk: how do you manage a global supply chain to ensure production of quality medicines?
Special Report: Supply Chain Manufacturing
Bonus Distribution: Annual Meeting
Manuscripts Due: 11 May 2016Publishes: 3 October 2016
Ads Close: 15 August 2016Ad Materials Due: 23 August 2016
Editorial Focus: Human error and patient risk: what traditional pharma is learning from the biotech industry
Supplement: Biotechnology
Bonus Distribution: Process Validation Conference, Pharma EXPO 2016
Manuscripts Due: 13 July 2016Publishes: 5 December 2016
Ads Close: 17 October 2016Ad Materials Due: 25 October 2016
Editorial Focus: Tomorrows’ leaders: the men and women who are redefining pharmaceutical engineering
 Quality Culture
Bonus Distribution:
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