September/October 2013
Volume 33, Number 5


    Supply Chain Management

    Labeling Pharma “Green” and Compliant in a Track and Trace World
    by Dana Buker, David Loy, and Harini Pillalamarri
    This update presents a discussion of the current regulatory landscape and how compliance and a “green” approach can merge for the benefit of suppliers, regulatory bodies, and the general public as well. The original article introduced arguments for the implementation of an electronic labeling system in the life science industries with a focus on the sustainable “green” benefits of electronic label management.
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    Facilities and Equipment

    Sustainability and its Relevance to the Pharmaceutical Industry
    by Rob Bowen
    This article demonstrates the relevance of sustainability to the pharmaceutical industry and presents a viable path to achieving sustainability in the industry.
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    Energy Benchmarking in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    by Josh Capparella
    This article describes the role of energy performance benchmarking in the pharmaceutical industry, explains why large variations in building performance exist and how to use benchmarking data to drive meaningful results into a successful energy management program.
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    Construction Waste Reduction
    by Jessica Cochran and Alicia Pandimos Maurer
    This case study presents the strategies and outcomes of implementing a plan to divert waste from the landfill and back into the supply chain during construction for building demolition waste reduction.
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    Best Practices in Total Particulate Monitoring in Cleanrooms, RABs, and Isolators
    by Members of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Sustainable Facilities Communities of Practice
    This article presents best practices when designing, qualifying, and routinely monitoring for total particulate (viable and non viable) in cleanrooms, Restricted Area Barrier systems (RABs), and manufacturing isolator systems, (excluding sterility testing isolators).
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    Quantifying Green Manufacturing: An Environmental Assessment Primer from LEED to Benchmarking
    by Kacy Wander
    This article presents an introduction to corporate sustainability policy and compares several international building assessment systems and emissions reporting practices.
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    Production Systems

    Alternative Dechlorination Methods in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Applications
    by Mark Wilf, PhD
    This article examines the effects of different methods of water dechlorination on prolonging the lifespan of RO membranes used for industrial water treatment.
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    Regulatory Compliance

    A Review of Regulations and Developments in GMP and Supply Chain Integrity of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    by Sia Chong Hock, Katherine Loh Kai Xin, Vimal Sachdeva, and Chan Lai Wah
    This article presents an overview of the current regulations and developments in good manufacturing practices and supply chain integrity of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and analyzes the challenges faced by regulatory authorities and industry.
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    Are You Controlling Your Boundary?
    by Stephanie Wilkins, PE
    This article clarifies what constitutes a segregated and dedicated facility and discusses the risk of cross contamination if the boundary is not managed properly.
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    Research and Development

    Realizing Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in Process Development by Implementation of Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy
    by Michael Fowler, Janssen Vanderhooft, and Venkatesh Subramanyan
    This case study demonstrates how using NIR spectroscopy in mix process development can shorten process development and scale-up timelines, accelerate time to market, enable generic products to include DoE, enhance the process knowledge, and optimize manufacturing processes for transdermal products.
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    Product Development

    Choosing the Optimal Hygienic Seal for Enhanced Process Performance
    by Robert Dubiel and James D. Vogel, PE
    This article presents how seals used in hygienic clamp fittings, diaphragm valves, and O-rings are integral to process performance, preventing leaks and contamination.
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    Industry Interview

    Pharmaceutical Engineering Interviews
    by Julie Kim, Global Franchise Head of BioTherapeutics, Baxter International, Inc.

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    Also Inside

    From the Editor

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    ISPE Update
    - 2013 ISPE Annual Meeting – Your Competitive Advantage
    - Getting FDA Approval for Breakthrough Therapies
    - ISPE Releases Data from Drug Shortage Survey

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    New Product Highlights and Classified Advertising with Advertiser’s Index

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    President's Message

    Industry Relies On ISPE and We Are Delivering
    ISPE President and CEO highlights the technical programs and leadership initiatives underway as ISPE continues its focus on important manufacturing, technical, quality and regulatory issues to help members become more knowledgeable.
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    Online Exclusives

    ISPE Quality Metrics Project
    by Christopher J. Potter on behalf of ISPE’s Quality Metrics Project Team
    This article describes a groundbreaking ISPE initiative that will help move the pharmaceutical industry toward the “desired state” and address the problem of drug shortages by defining objective quality metrics to support a risk based inspection program.
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    Packing Line Power Use and Heat Gain
    by Martin Wheeler
    This article discusses three approaches used to reduce energy usage in pharmaceutical processes.
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    Global Regulatory News
    This article describes a groundbreaking ISPE initiative that will help move the pharmaceutical industry toward the “desired state” and address the problem of drug shortages by defining objective quality metrics to support a risk based inspection program.
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