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Employed full-time by an educational institution within an academic division of pharmaceutical science, engineering, or technology?

ISPE academic professional membership is available to education professionals like you working to shape the future of pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology.

ISPE has an abundance of technical knowledge and resources that provide timely and critical information, best practices and innovative solutions to challenges faced by pharmaceutical professionals.

Who can become an Academic Member? Any individual employed full-time by an educational institution within an academic division of pharmaceutical science, engineering, or technology is eligible to become an Academic Member. Academicians only pay half of the full ISPE Membership dues rate and those in developing countries pay significantly less.

Join as an ISPE Academic Member and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Industry-renowned Guidance Documents – volunteer on a team writing documents and/or use Guidance Documents in your classes
  • Student Chapter Formation and Support – help your students by serving as a Faculty Advisor and encouraging your students to take advantage of the valuable technical content and resources available to ISPE Members.
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering – online access to our bimonthly magazine featuring technical articles, case studies, regulatory news, industry trends, and more
  • Communities of Practice – Interactive online communities to meet and collaborate with professionals in a variety of areas of expertise
  • Affiliate/Chapter Membership – connect with ISPE Members in your local area for education and networking events, facility tours, and more
  • Online membership directory – around the clock access to nearly 20,000 professionals in 90 countries

Join ISPE to make a difference in your career, and in the professional development of your students

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