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ISPE white papers are valuable documents designed to educate industry personnel on focused topics. White papers are low-cost or free resources available to both Members and non-members, and are written by industry experts to help disseminate valuable information and best practices to industry personnel.

Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive and Practical Approach

This White Paper presents how an integrated approach can facilitate supply chain security by suggesting ways of augmenting the pharmaceutical quality system to prevent and detect adulteration, counterfeiting, illegal diversion, and theft. While adulterated, counterfeit, or diverted materials and finished products entering the supply chain cannot be wholly prevented by pharmaceutical quality systems, organizations may be able to mitigate certain of these risks by applying the strategies and principles outlined in this White Paper.

Use of Interactive Voice Response or Web Systems to Manage IMP Retest Dates 

Now available! Final ISPE/PDA endorsed White Paper: Use of Interactive Voice Response or Web Systems to manage IMP Retest Dates. This White Paper provides guidance on how to employ this technology for use in removing use by dates from CTM labels.

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