Sichuan University Student Chapter Student Interns at Austar

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We were so lucky to have joined the validation practices in the plant before graduation. And we also appreciated the opportunity the Austar had provided to us.

At the beginning of our internship, we were given some essential training. And then we went to learn more about the plant accompanied by an engineer of Austar. The work site was magical for us. We were full of curiosity and questions, and our respected engineers loved to answer them and introduce us around. So we soon fit in with the requirements of the job.

During the 50 days of our internship (from the middle of December, 2009 to February, 2010), we carried on Performance Qualification of various kinds of equipment and facilities under the guidance of engineers, which involved autoclave, oven, freeze dryer, tunnel sterilizing dryer, pure steam system, HVAC and how to deal with documentation.

In those days, what deeply shocked us was the huge difference between what we’ve learned in class and what confronted us at work. We realized that fast learning and adaptability are necessary and we must establish the concept of Lifelong Learning. In most cases, a qualification item should repeat at least 3 times. As a matter of fact, it was boring, so it was important to develop a conscientious and serious working attitude.

This practice embodied the concept of validation for us, showing us a more clear idea about the industry we’re going into. Although there is a long way to go for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, we have faith that the future is promising and bright.

Photo of Sichuan University Student Chapter
From left to right: Wilson Zhang, Member of ISPE Sichuan University Student Chapter; Gary Zhang, Engineer of Austar; Peter Ma, Manager of Austar; and David Yuan, Member of Sichuan University Student Chapter

Words on the stone: Human’s health, Our career–Chen Zhu

Last Update: 20 September 2011


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