Student Success Story: Samar Yalda

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"The ISPE West Coast Leadership Forum was a great opportunity to develop the skills that any professional needs in the real world. It gave me an chance to utilize one of the most valuable resources as an ISPE member, which is networking.

"In addiction to networking breaks, the seating arrangement was changed in each of the five different sittings. This made it easy for everyone to become familiar with one another. The opportunity to practice public speaking through short summaries of table discussions was essential in developing leadership traits.

"The resume and interview workshops were an asset. I liked that the workshops were taught by those in the positions to hire. Their critiques on previous resumes and interviews brought to my attention the tiny details of professionalism, which I had not previously given a second thought.

"The conference, overall, enabled me to learn leadership traits essential to a career in biotech. The biotech industry is truly a small community. I am confident that the connections made will stay with me throughout my career."



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