ISPE International Board of Directors Election

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ISPE International Board of Directors Election Process

The call for nominations is now open. ISPE Members are encouraged to nominate potential candidates for the ISPE International Board of Directors. Self-nominations are also welcome.

All Nominations must be submitted to by 26 February 2016.

Candidate Nomination and Selection Process

Your International Board of Directors felt that it would be helpful to explain how the candidates on the ballot are selected. These are the steps that are taken to prepare for the election:

  • Each year, the global membership of ISPE are asked to provide the names of potential candidates to the ISPE Nominating Committee. Candidates are proposed on the basis of a number of considerations communicated in the call for nominations. These include things like strategic thinking, leadership skills, “business sense,” knowledge of the global pharma/biopharma industry, and the ability to commit the time and resources required to actively participate on the Board.
  • The Nominating Committee proposes a list of potential candidates for the vacancies on the Executive Committee and the International Board of Directors. The Board approves this list before the election.
  • Approved candidates are asked to confirm their willingness to stand for the election and to demonstrate that they have the support of their employer to serve.
  • Following the receipt of this information, the balloting process is arranged using an independent outside body, Intelliscan, Inc.

Intelliscan, Inc. conducts the entire election process and reports the results to the International Board of Directors. 


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