ISPE and Global Regulators

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ISPE and Global RegulatorsISPE is a not-for-profit independent organization led by the world's top pharmaceutical professionals. The Society provides an inviting and neutral environment for industry experts, regulators, technologists, consultants and academia to exchange ideas and practical experience. As a vibrant community, ISPE's Members work together to identify the best possible methods of producing safe, effective, high quality drug products, while helping each other make better educated decisions more quickly than ever before.  ISPE is a Society comprised of individual Members, not companies, and all disciplines are essential to achieving the Society’s goals with all voices equal.

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Because ISPE does not engage in any lobbying activities and makes no attempt to influence regulations, the Society can play a vital role in assembling experts from its multiple disciplines to design, debate and publicize more effective processes and standards for the ultimate benefit of the patient. ISPE’s neutral environment ensures all such activities are based on the application of sound scientific and technological principles through the expert contributions of our individual Members irrespective of their employer, status or affiliation and experts belonging to Regulatory Authorities.

How Regulators Can Get Involved

An important step toward getting involved is to join ISPE.

Options for Joining:. In order to make ISPE membership as accessible as possible, the ISPE International Board of Directors has approved a policy that applies to ALL individuals employed full-time by a Regulatory Authority or government agency. ISPE offers complimentary membership to all regulators worldwide. However, the ISPE Board recognizes that policies may vary within Regulatory Authorities and has also authorized a membership rate of $65, equal to that for Emerging Economy and Academic memberships, for Regulatory Authority representations not able to accept the no cost option.

Benefits of Membership

Regardless of the manner in which a Regulatory Authority/Government member joins ISPE, membership enables regulators to access ISPE’s extensive resources and activities, thus helping to complement their technical and knowledge skills. For example:

  • Membership provides access to all ISPE “Member only” materials and knowledge resources.
  • Membership enables participation in any of ISPE’s 19 Communities of Practice (COPs). COPs offer interactions with diverse membership and the opportunity to discuss latest trends and to understand each others’ daily challenges. You may either just observe or actively participate. Like all ISPE members, you would be doing so as an individual and not an official; For additional information, please visit ISPE's Communities of Practice.
  • Members gain access to ISPE’s popular electronic publications such as Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine. This peer-reviewed publication is produced by members to inform others about innovation and breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical field.

Connect at the Local Level

Regulators can take advantage of local ISPE resources through dozens of ISPE Affiliates and Chapters around the world. These groups offer programs in the local language and provide opportunities that will keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the industry on a regional level.

Engage in Projects that Interest You

At the local and International levels, ISPE carries out its mission through a variety of projects aimed at leading global change and innovation in pharmaceutical technology and processes. To do this effectively, ISPE depends upon volunteers working in all parts of the industry engaging in open, nonbinding, neutral dialogue and working together on projects that ultimately improve results for patients.


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