ISPE India Affiliate Board

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Kapil Bhargava, Central Drugs Control
Vice Chair
Dr. Uday Shetty,
Vice Chair
Dr. Anil Singal, NNE
Vijay Kshirsagar, TRAC Pharma Consulting
Satish Bhadri,
Past Chair
R. Raghunandanan, Chair of ISPE India Affiliate


Someshwar Mudda, Micro Labs Limited - Mumbai Gopal Nair, GRASP Enterprise
Jawahir Sipahimalani, Chem-Med Analytical Laboratories Membership Chairperson
Vijay Kshirsagar, TRAC Pharma Consulting
Young Professionals Chair
Jaywant Pawar, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Affiliate Manager
Ronak Shah, ISPE India Affiliate
Staff Project Manager
D. Tracey Ryan, ISPE

For contact information, please refer to the ISPE Member Directory.