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Date: 11 May 2010
Title: Designing Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability into Pharmaceutical Processes
Location: Bologna, Italy

Date: 7 October 2010
Topic: Innovation and Business Continuity: Pharma Industry meet the University in the model of L'Aquila
Location: L'Aquila, Italy

Date: 21 October 2010
Topic: Operational Excellence - Widespread Improvement: experiences from Life Science and beyond
Location: Milan, Italy

Date: 5 November 2010
Topic: GAMP Italia Forum Day - Updates on GAMP Good Practice Guides for Life-Sciences,
GAMP in the food industry and Workshop on supplier assessment

Location: Parma, Italy

Date: 2 December 2010
Event: Italian Affiliate Event Asset Integrity Management in Pharmaceutical Industries & ISPE Christmas Night
Location: Milan, Italy


ISPE Night (summer) - Milan 25.06.09

ISPE Italy Affiliate: PAT Day - Milan25.06.09
(Process Analytical Technology)

GAMP Italia Forum day - Parma 14.05.09
(Improving efficiency of Verification phases in GAMP5 perspective)

ISPE Italy Affiliate: BioTech Day - Milan 02.04.09


Maintenance Management and Training ( 669 KB)
Guido Walt

10th May 2007
Parma – Centro Congressi Santa Elisabetta
La convalida dei macchinari per il settore Life Science – Workshop by GAMP Forum Italiano

To read all Conference documentation please click here.

12th June 2007
Bologna – Pharmintech 2007
Research, Development and Innovation in technology for pharmaceutical processing

To read all Conference documentation please click here.

5th July 2007
Auditorium of Polytechnic of Milan
Meet between pharmaceutical industry, university and regulating corporations

To read all Conference documentation please click here.

12th October 2007
Florence – Hotel Baglioni
Risk Management & Business Continuity in Life Science Mfg

For more information please click here.

23rd October 2007
Verona – MCM International Conference on Industrial Maintenance
OEE, lines performance indicators, why , what and how?

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26th October 2007
Milan – Hotel Jolly
Pharmaceutical Project and Risk Management

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Conference on "Predictive Maintenance and Calibration" - Milan 14.12.06
Workshop of December 14th, 2006.

To download the slides, please click on the name of the presentation.

Business Risk & Maintenance ( 279 KB)
ing. Sandro De Caris
Informatica e Qualità nelle Life Sciences
GAMP Italia

Design for Maintenance in Pharmaceutics ( 390 KB)
Claudio Rolandi

Calibration Management Systems GAMP ( 2 MB)
GianLuigi Tieghi

Validation Software for the Management of Calibration and Maintenance ( 1 MB)
Carlo Bestetti - Tonino Ranieri


ISPE Maintenance Baseline Guide Overview ( 160 KB)
Pietro Orombelli

Predictive Maintenance & Calibration ( 305 KB)
"GAMP Good Practice Guide: Calibration Management"
Giorgio Civaroli

Articles From Past Events

Asset Management and Information Systems ( 1 MB)
Daniele Bottazzi

The Role of Supplier of Equipment Preventive Maintenance and Calibration ( 1 MB)
Marco Bellentani

Innovative Full Service For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants ( 1 MB)
Flavio Beretta

Maintenance Integrated System: the right recipe of TPM and RCM ( 65 KB)
Graziano Perotti

Best Practices Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Pfizer Plant ( 1 MB)
Ascoli Piceno - Emidio Chiappini - Severino Marchetti

Designing for Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Sector ( 33 KB)
Claudio Rolandi