Education Leader and Presenter Skills

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How can I make my presentation more interactive?

  • Adults have complex requirements competing for their attention. Learning must be relevant and immediately useful to be fully engaged. You are a leader in your field. However, our delegates represent accomplished professionals as well. If you compare the simple quantity of knowledge in a room with one to two s and 50 delegates, swift calculation suggests most of the cumulative knowledge is among the delegates. This presents leaders with a great resource.
  • Please plan a significant amount of time for delegate active interaction (1) between Presenters and registrants, and (2) among registrants. Ideas for learning generating from the delegate audience include not just presenting case studies, but presenting the case, allowing time for discussion among delegates, collecting ideas on cards, and reading those and closing with the solution actually achieved in the case study. Even 10 minutes of delegate-delegate discussion will provide an energy for cross-learning that will be far more significant and energizing than 10 minutes might suggest.
  • Another idea is to have delegates introduce themselves as follows. (This can be done individually in a session with small attendance, or among delegates sitting next to one another in a larger group.) Give name, job title and function, years in this area of the industry, and one or two things that the delegate is hoping to learn by attending.
  • A third idea is that if you are describing a piece of equipment, and it is a small enough piece, simply bring it and use it as a real model in the lecture.
  • Please be creative. Think about the best education you have attended and what you liked about it. Then lead with these ideas and suggest them to your Speakers as they plan.
    • Every presentation should allow a minimum of five to 10 minutes of Q & A!

What can I do to improve my presentation skills?

  • The best solution is the simplest - Practice! Give the presentation to yourself, speaking out loud, at least twice. In this way you will find those things that are more difficult to convey. As you hear yourself speak, you will automatically detect items that may be confusing or need some additional detail. There is just no substitute for good, old-fashioned, practice.
  • Remember, use the six lines per slide and six words per slide to cue what you want to say.
  • Never, ever, unless it is a quote, read your slide while presenting!


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