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Welcome to the third free monthly Members-Only Gift email! The feedback we have received on these Gifts has been very positive so far. We hope you keep telling us what you want and need -- and we really hope you like the August installment which focuses on GAMP®.

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FREE Webinar for Members

This NEW recording examines the end of the project phase (or the handover phase) of the operation phase of the System Life Cycle. Dr. Arthur "Randy" Perez discusses the risks and areas of concern during system hand-over, as well as actions you can take to mitigate those risks. He also explains how management processes and the evidential records that are generated can be subsequently used to indicate the level of care and identify any issues or trends in the performance of the systems. Finally, Dr. Perez provides information to assist you in conducting an effective project post mortem process.

Free Webinar: System Hand-over and Project Postmortem
*Free for Members only until 30 September 2010

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Learn how the GAMP Community of Practice benefits Members and the industry. Get to know the ISPE global GAMP COP and discover ways to get involved.

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Why is GAMP important to the careers of pharmaceutical professionals? Learn how GAMP influenced and played an integral part in the career advancement of top ISPE Volunteer leaders around the world.

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GAMP is ISPE. GAMP® is a registered trademark of ISPE, and publications or education bearing this name from organizations other than ISPE are not the "real" GAMP resources. View a complete list of the ISPE GAMP products.

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