Monthly Member Gift January 2011

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Make the Most of Your Membership!

Happy new year from ISPE! Celebrate your ISPE Membership with this monthly gift from us to you. As we start off 2011, resolve to take full advantage of all the knowledge, community, and professional resources that come with being a Member of ISPE. Enjoy!

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FREE Pest Control Handbook - Compliments of the Japan Affiliate

This month's gift is a true first, not only for the monthly gift series, but for the Society as a whole. Thanks to the generosity and hard work of volunteer Members from the Japan Affiliate, we are able to offer their recently-completed Pest Control Handbook, Edition 2, to all ISPE Members this month, absolutely free of charge.

The Japan Affiliate Pest Control Handbook represents the first time an Affiliate has single-handedly produced content on this scale for dissemination to the entire ISPE Membership. This 40-page document was edited by the Factory Auxiliary Issues Subcommittee of the Japan Affiliate's Manufacturing Management COP. It addresses the fundamental concepts, policies, and practices for the control and management of pests in pharmaceutical manufacturing sites. The Handbook was was created in the context of GMP best practices, and the English translation was reviewed by The Guidance Document Executive Committee. Consequently, its information is valuable for any facility using GMPs worldwide.

The Japan Affiliate has graciously offered to share their work with the entire global Membership of ISPE now through 31 January 2011. Download your FREE copy now!

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As the pharmaceutical industry continues to develop in Asia, the complex task of successfully executing projects in China becomes an increasingly hot topic. At Annual Meeting 2010, educational session 302, "Fast Track GMP Project Execution China," explored the strategies and challenges associated with building manufacturing facilities in China to meet US FDA and EU EMA, as well as Chinese SFDA standards. This month, we're providing the recording of this important session to all Members, absolutely FREE!

The session is a must for operations and manufacturing professionals, program and project managers, senior stakeholders responsible for international project execution, architects and engineers, and regulatory and validation professionals. Viewers of the webinar will be able to better understand issues and regulatory challenges, and apply them to their operations.

FREE Education Session Recording: 
Fast Track GMP Project Execution China
Free to Members through 31 January, 2011

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ISPE's Engineering Standards Benchmarking Community of Practice (ESB COP) was formed in 2008, when a group of ISPE professionals from 10 pharmaceutical companies leading benchmarking efforts agreed to champion a new initiative that would evolve into the formation of a COP. ESB, which is an acronym for Engineering Standards Benchmarking, works with corporate programs and management and sustainability for engineering documents such as standards, practices, guidelines, and specifications. The goal of the ESB COP is to improve the processes for the creation/approval/maintenance and use of corporate engineering standards and specifications in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about the ESB COP .

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Now that the new year is underway and everyone is back to work, companies with job openings will begin looking in earnest to fill those positions. For our Members currently seeking a career transition, this month's FREE professional resource, provided by ISPE Members from the life science staffing firm TalentWrx, explains how being flexible, persistent, and open-minded can help you gain an edge during the post-holiday season job search. Read these FREE career tips now .

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If you lose your job, your ISPE Membership, with its access to job postings, networking opportunities, and other resources, becomes more important than ever. ISPE's Hardship Program allows Members in good standing who become unemployed to keep their Membership, free of charge, until they obtain a new job in the industry. Learn more about the Hardship Program here .

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2011 is here, and as we begin the new year, ISPE is committed to serving your needs any way we can. We need your help to tell us what you need, what we can do better, and what you'd like to see from your Society. Please email with your feedback.

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