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Make the Most of Your Membership!

One way to make sure you're getting the most of our your ISPE Membership is to take advantage of the knowledge, community, and professional resources that are sent straight to your inbox every month. This month's gift email contains some truly exciting and beneficial information that you won't want to miss. Enjoy!

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FREE Keynote Recording for Members
At the 2011 Tampa Conference, one of the top draws was the session titled, "Pharmaceutical Inspections and Compliance - Current FDA Inspection Trends." At the session, Chairman and CEO of Aptuit Tim Tyson – a longtime ISPE Member and one of the founders of the International Leadership Forum – gave a galvanizing keynote speech. In it, he outlined the current state of the industry and the need for world-wide, revolutionary change.

As our gift to you this month, you'll be able to listen to the entire speech absolutely FREE just for being an ISPE Member. This 79-minute recording will be sure to give you numerous "light-bulb moments" of insight into the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and what you can do as a technical professional to help foster the changes desperately needed to bring GMP into the 21st century. Listen to the recording now!

Free Keynote Recording: The Future of Quality in the Pharmaceutical Market
Free to Members until 30 April 2011

PS - As an ISPE Member, you can also read an interview with Tim Tyson in the March/April issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine. Read th ( 296 KB) e article online ( 296 KB) now!

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As cold products increase in volume, ISPE Members have expressed concern over the complexity of both the products and the associated supply chain. To help address these concerns, ISPE has developed the ISPE Cold Chain Management Good Practice Guide. The Guide, which is tentatively scheduled for release in April 2011, provides tools and strategies for Cold Chain Management and to complement work by the Guidance for Temperature Controlled Medicinal Products.

This month, you can read a special Members-only preview of the Guide's first Chapter, weeks ahead of its release date, for FREE! The preview will give you an advance look at the Guide's background, purpose, scope, and benefits. Download your free copy now! ( 137 KB)

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Volunteering is one of the most important Community aspects of ISPE Membership, and our Communities of Practice (COPs) are consistently ranked as a top Membership benefit. This month, we’re proud to unveil two exciting new tools that will serve to enhance your volunteer and COP experiences.

Tool #1: Volunteer Resources. Without the valuable contributions of ISPE Volunteers, ISPE would not exist as the global organization it is today, serving more than 22,000 Members worldwide. Because our volunteers are what make our Society work, ISPE created a new Volunteer Resource Center on the ISPE Web site, where all global and local Volunteers have access to the resources and tools they need, including orientation and training, communications, lists and directories, and sign-up materials for new volunteers. Visit the new Volunteer Resource Center.

Tool #2: Enhanced COP Web sites. ISPE global COPs enable like-minded professionals to connect through an interactive online community offering global networking opportunities and access to a community-specific Body of Knowledge.  One of the newest benefits of ISPE COPs is that ISPE is converting its COP online communities to newly enhanced COP Web sites. These enhanced sites will allow COP Members to easily access information about the COP and its activities by simply visiting the COP home page. As of now, four COP sites have been converted to the enhanced model: Biotechnology , Commissioning and Qualification , Investigational Products , and GAMP ®. The rest of the COP sites will be converted to the new format within the next few months. To learn more and begin participating immediately, access ISPE COPs.

We welcome your feedback and any questions you may have about the new Volunteer Resource Center or the COP Web sites. Please email us at with comments, suggestions, or questions.


The ISPE Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Society will be creating a new strategic plan between now and June.  You can learn more about the entire project by visiting . On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about the background of the project, the volunteers who are leading it, and the reasons the Board has decided to create a new plan at this time.  You’ll also be able to access a webinar led by Board Chair Andre Walker and consultant Ann Atkinson explaining this and giving general information about managing change of this nature.  As time passes and the process evolves, you’ll always be able to check out the progress of ISPE’s strategic planning project by returning to this page: .


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Are you an active Member, or a passive one? This month's Profession article, written by ISPE Vice President of Member Relations Karleen Kos, discusses why active Members are better able to advance their careers through their Membership in ISPE. Don't leave a single benefit "on the table" – read "ISPE: Why Getting Involved is the Smartest Move You Can Make in Managing Your Career ," and learn what you can do to get the maximum benefit from your Membership and have fun doing it!

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In Tim Tyson's keynote above, he notes the vitally important role Young Professionals will play in bringing ISPE, and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, into the future. The International Board of Directors agrees, and so in order to bring these key players into the ISPE fold, they voted to reduce dues for the YP category to help make Membership more affordable to those earning an entry-level salary. For those within 1-4 years of graduation, ISPE Membership is now only $75 (70€) a year.

Since the introduction of the new YP dues structure, over 40 new YP Members have joined from all over the world, including the US, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland. We are excited to see what these new YPs, and the ones still to come, will bring to the table. Visit the YP Membership page for eligibility and documentation requirements. 

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