Monthly Member Gift May 2012

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Monthly Member Gift

Make the Most of Your Membership!

Welcome to your free monthly gift from ISPE! Don't let a single ISPE membership benefit go to waste - enjoy these knowledge, community, and professional resources, available only to ISPE Members! This month, our gift offerings focus on Certified Pharmaceutical Industry Professional™ (CPIP™) certification.

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FREE CPIP Study Guide
CPIP Study Guide gives you valuable information to help you prepare for the CPIP exam!

Achieving CPIP certification is an excellent way to prove to yourself and others that you are a dedicated, knowledgeable and competent pharmaceutical professional. This month, you can download a complimentary copy of the CPIP Study Guide, a resource that provides guidance to help you prepare for the CPIP exam! 

In this Guide, you'll find:

  • A detailed description of the knowledge elements that will be included in the CPIP examination
  • A reference document containing references in the public domain, cited by the exam question writers, to authenticate the examination questions
  • A content outline for the CPIP exam
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • And more!

Don't miss your chance to receive this valuable Study Guide, a $40 value, for free—download your copy today!

Offer is available to Members through 30 June 2012.

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Are you ready for the CPIP exam? Take the
CPIP Practice Exam to find out!

The CPIP examination, a 150-question multiple choice computer-based test, can be intimidating to those preparing to take it. To help you determine your exam-readiness, ISPE has developed a CPIP Practice Exam. 

This 50-question online test will help you:

  • Learn more about what types of questions will be on the exam
  • See how questions relate to the technical competency knowledge elements they represent
  • Identify areas where additional study would be beneficial to you

Be prepared for your CPIP exam—take the CPIP Practice Exam now!

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Find or start a CPIP Study Group

Studying with a group can make preparing for the CPIP exam more rewarding and more enjoyable. Not only will you benefit from the group's shared knowledge; you'll make professional connections and personal friendships that will benefit you far into the future. 

CPIP Study Groups can:

  • Give you practical support for achieving eligibility and passing the exam
  • Help you expand your personal network within the industry
  • Provide an opportunity to learn from others and share study resources

Several Affiliates and Chapters already have CPIP Study Groups (fun fact: the Nordic Affiliate sponsored one of the first-ever study groups); check with your Affiliate or Chapter leadership to see if there's a CPIP Study Group available in your area. 

No study groups available near you? Start one! Contact Michael Phelan, ISPE's Professional Certification Director, at for guidance on starting a CPIP Study Group for your Affiliate or Chapter. 

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CPIP certification is a vital part of your professional development pathway

As an ISPE Member, your work is vital to both the success of your company and the health and safety of patients all over the world. Becoming a CPIP demonstrates to your supervisors, your colleagues and your professional connections that you are dedicated to and knowledgeable about your chosen industry. As part of your professional development pathway, the CPIP certification program can unlock greater career opportunities for you and provide your company a competitive advantage, especially during challenging economic times.

Review the CPIP Certification Overview and find out how to:

  • Get started on the journey to CPIP certification
  • Achieve certification
  • Maintain the CPIP credential

CPIP certification sets you apart in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn more about becoming a CPIP today.

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You can find current CPIPs on the Professional Certification Commission website

Do you know any CPIPs? Find out by viewing the CPIP Roster on the Professional Certification Commission (PCC) website.

Talking to peers who've already achieved CPIP certification can help you determine the next steps toward becoming certified yourself . Current CPIPs can also give you valuable information on how they successfully completed their certification that you can use on your own journey. View the roster now!

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