ISPE Midwest Chapter Past Events and Presentations

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Presentations from Past Events
Date Event

May 2, 2007

Extended Education/Vendors Day/Bayer Plant Tour
Overland Park, Kansas


Commissioning & Qualification: A Practical Approach ( 1 MB)
Damian Gerstner and Gary Short

Achieving a Compliant Design Through Commissioning and Qualification ( 303 KB)
Richard Crader and Thomas Dzierozynski

Making Improvement Work in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Some Case Studies ( 237 KB)
Ronald D. Snee

An Overview of Process Excellence and Lean Thinking at Johnson & Johnson ( 1 MB)
Edwin Nau, MBB

January 12, 2005

Aptuit Plant Tour
Kansas City, Missouri


Formulation Development of Solid Dosage Forms ( 237 KB) - Paul Skultety

Don't Get Stuck When Packaging and Don't Get Stuck When Packaging and Labeling Your Double Blind Clinical Studies ( 171 KB) - Dan Elman

Isolator-Based Aseptic Manufacturing Facility for Liquid and Freeze Dried Parenteral Dosage Forms ( 2 MB) - Barbara Mobley

April 14, 2005

Education & Vendor Day
Omaha, Nebraska


Implications of Animal Derived Products and Processes on Manufacturing and Regulatory Systems ( 14 MB) - Sue Sutton-Jones

ISPE Biopharmaceutical Baseline Guide Chapter 6 - Facilities ( 17 MB) - Mark von Stwolinski

Products Covered by Biopharm Baseline Guide ( 278 KB)

ISPE Biopharmaceutical Baseline Guide ( 166 KB) - Jeff Biskup

PAT: Process Analytical Technology, an FDA and Industry Effort ( 2 MB) - Nissan Cohen

Packaging, Labeling, and Warehousing Baseline Guide ( 7 MB) - Nancy St. Laurent & Linda McBride