An Expression of Gratitude from the Japan Affiliate

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Tatsuro Miyagwa

More than a half-year after the Great East Japan earthquake, the effects are still felt throughout Japan. Restoration of the affected region will take decades, and yet the most precious losses – loved ones, homes, pets and memories – will never be recovered. While Japan is a country accustomed to natural disasters, the calamity of last spring has left an indelible mark, not just on us those for whom Japan is home, but on everyone around the world who holds Japan dear in their hearts.

Recently, we have observed significant milestones in the recovery effort. Owing to the sacrifices made by those of us in the Tokyo region through drastic energy reduction and flexible work schedules, throughout the summer we were not subjected to the rolling blackouts we had feared. Also, recently it was reported that the temperatures of the pools in all the damaged reactors at the Fukushima power plant had dropped below 100 degrees Celsius for the first time, thanks to the heroic efforts of all involved in bringing the situation under control.

We in the pharmaceutical industry have been very busy restoring operations at plants and related industries in the Tohoku region. The progress has been frustrating at times, but on the whole, we are very proud of the combined efforts of contractors, engineers and suppliers, all of whom have pulled together to get this nation’s pharmaceutical supply chain back on track as quickly as possible.

The show of support from the global community has been tremendous. Thanks to the generosity of ISPE Affiliates and Chapters around the world and ISPE HQ, we have been informed that a total donation has been made to the Japanese Red Cross. While we at the ISPE Japan Affiliate have always felt that such generosity and volunteerism are the keys to ISPE’s value within the pharmaceutical community, we are humbled by the spirit of giving we have witnessed in recent months. For this, we wish to express on behalf of the Japan Affiliate deep gratitude for the donations made to Japan.


Tatsuro Miyagawa, Chairman, 
on behalf of the ISPE Japan Affiliate

Last Update: 20 October 2011


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