ISPE Announces Partnership with US EPA's Energy Star Program

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ISPE Announces Partnership with
US Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program

—Sustainable Facilities Community of Practice to spearhead involvement—

(TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, 13 June 2011)ISPE, a global not-for-profit association of 22,000 pharmaceutical science and manufacturing professionals, today announced that it has partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its successful ENERGY STAR Program. Through participation in the program, ISPE aims to improve pharmaceutical industry exposure to the program and help ISPE Members drive cost savings and green initiatives for their companies.

“Sustainability and environmental stewardship have long been a part of the ISPE culture and goals,” said Bob Best, ISPE President and CEO. “And helping our Members to deliver cost effective GMP solutions has always been an integral part of ISPE’s mission. Therefore, the ENERGY STAR Program is a perfect fit for us. By helping to disseminate the ideas behind the program, we hope that our Members around the globe will be more successful in improving energy efficiency throughout the industry.”

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry calls upon businesses to create a five-year plan to reduce energy intensity by 10% or more. Companies that publically join the Challenge and meet the goal are recognized by the US EPA for their efforts, and gain the right to capitalize on one of the most recognizable names in energy efficiency by communicating publically that they have completed the ENERGY STAR Challenge.

In support of ISPE’s efforts to bring awareness of the ENERGY STAR Challenge to its Members, the Society will be holding a free live webinar on Thursday, 16 June at 11.00 EDT. The webinar, titled, “Save Money and Improve Efficiency with ISPE/ENERGY STAR Challenge,” will explain how the partnership of ISPE and its Sustainable Facilities COP with the ENERGY STAR Challenge enables ISPE Members and their companies to demonstrate leadership in the field of environmental sustainability. Interested parties can register for the webinar, completely free of charge, by visiting

The driving force within ISPE for ENERGY STAR information and participation will be the Sustainable Facilities Community of Practice (COP). Interested parties may join the Sustainable Facilities COP to gain information, engage in conversation, share best practices, and report progress on the Challenge. More information on the Sustainable Facilities COP can be found at . More information on the ENERGY STAR Challenge can be found at

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