ISPE Leaders Express Concern for Japan

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A Message from Andre Walker, ISPE Board Chair 2011
On behalf of the leadership of ISPE, I wish to extend our sincerest sympathy to all ISPE Members in Japan following the tragic earthquake and tsunami that is affecting so much of your country. Our thoughts are with all our Japanese colleagues in this sad and difficult time. We understand the scale of the loss, the immense task now in front of you, and the pain that must be in your hearts. Our prayers are for strength and courage in the people of Japan as you work together to overcome this tragedy. The ISPE family stands at your side.

A Message from Bob Best, President and CEO
I cannot find the words to properly describe how concerned we all are about all of ISPE’s Members living and working in Japan. The events of the past week are horrific. We feel pain when we watch the news reports about the tsunami. We fervently hope that none of our Japan Affiliate Members have suffered loss of loved ones or friends.

I know how much work goes into the preparation of a major event, especially one so special as the Japan Affiliate’s 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting. We are sure it was both difficult and disappointing to make the decision but it is definitely the correct one under the present circumstances. As always our colleagues in Japan have done their best but the recent events are beyond anyone’s control.

The necessity of canceling the Japan Affiliate’s 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting should not and does not lessen the Affiliate’s great achievements over the past decade. From its start the Japan Affiliate has been a benchmark for other Affiliates. All of ISPE’s Members in Japan can take great pride in what has been done and what the Affiliate will soon continue to do. I look forward to being there in person when you can properly celebrate in the months ahead.

Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you. You will remain in our prayers and in our hearts.


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