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October 2010

15 Oct 2010 European Medicines Agency mid-year report 2010 from the Executive Director (January - June 2010)
14 Oct 2010 European Medicines Agency strengthens rules on conflicts of interests of its scientific experts
14 Oct 2010 International operation combats the illegal online supply of counterfeit medicines
12 Oct 2010 US General Accounting Office Publishes: Biological Laboratories: Design and Implementation Considerations for Safety Reporting Systems
12 Oct 2010 European Medicines Agency Management Board adopt new policies on handling of conflicts of interests and on access to documents
06 Oct 2010 US FDA awards $904,000 to Pan American Health Organization for information ‘hub’
06 Oct 2010 US FDA Issues Regulatory Science Report
06 Oct 2010 Danish Medicines Agency Publishes Implementation of new validation rules for electronic exchange of adverse reaction data
04 Oct 2010 Summary of the annual report of the European Medicines Agency 2009
04 Oct 2010 Swedish Medical Products Agency Evaluates Pilot Project of Joint Scientific Advice Meetings
04 Oct 2010 PIC/S Conducts Follow-up visit to US FDA
04 Oct 2010 The FDA Interview: Is pharma getting worse at manufacturing? by Phil Taylor, Courtesy of, Publisher, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
01 Oct 2010 US FDA on Flickr and Facebook
01 Oct 2010 US FDA Solicits Comments on the Food and Drug Administration Fiscal Year 2011-2015 Strategic Priorities Document
01 Oct 2010 Health Canada Notice - Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Recognition for Canadian Facilities: Reminder to schedule your inspection before ...


September 2010

30 Sep 2010 Australian Regulatory Guidelines for GMP Clearance for Overseas Manufacturers
28 Sep 2010 US FDA issues final rule on safety information during clinical trials
28 Sep 2010 China tightens restrictions on online transactions of drug precursor chemicals
27 Sep 2010 PMDA participated in China-Korea-Japan Director-General meeting and APEC Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Seoul Workshop Highlighting Korea ...
24 Sep 2010 The British Standards Institute publishes Braille on packaging for medicinal products



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