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July 2010

28 Jul 2010 Britain's MHRA Business Plan 2010 and Corporate Plan 2010-15 published
27 Jul 2010 Regulation of advanced therapy medicinal products in the UK
23 Jul 2010 Britain's MHRA Publishes New Enforcement Strategy
20 Jul 2010 European Medicines Agency publishes policy on communicating safety issues for human medicines
19 Jul 2010 Generic substitution appears to have increased competition in the Finnish pharmaceutical market
19 Jul 2010 Britain's Heads of Medicines Agencies drafts strategy 2011-15 consultation
15 Jul 2010 European Medicines Agency launches new website
09 Jul 2010 European Medicines Agency and European Commission start reflection process on way forward for the Agency and the network
09 Jul 2010 Britain's MHRA Annual Report and Accounts 2009/10
09 Jul 2010 Health Canada Publishes Draft Guidance Document - Labelling of Pharmaceutical Drugs for Human Use
07 Jul 2010 Danish Medicine's Agency Publishes Notification to Medicines Manufacturers About Reduced Testing of Starting Materials
07 Jul 2010 Eighth supplement to the 6th Edition European Pharmacopoeia takes effect
02 Jul 2010 European Medicines Agency's CHMP re-elects its Chair and Vice-Chair
01 Jul 2010 Review of the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Over-The-Counter Medicines


June 2010

30 Jun 2010 China's SFDA issues announcement on relevant issues concerning the implementation of 2010 Chinese Pharmacopoeia
28 Jun 2010 Sweden's Medical Products Agency is Reorganizing
22 Jun 2010 PIC/S announces international collaboration for the quality of APIs
21 Jun 2010 US FDA Marks First Anniversary of Tobacco Control Act
18 Jun 2010 ICH Steering Committee Meeting Press Release - "Implementing the New Quality Paradigm"
18 Jun 2010 UK's Veterinary Medicines Directorate applies for PIC/S membership



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