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March 2010

26 Mar 2010 Germany's BfArM Moves to Nearly Paperless Submissions
24 Mar 2010 New routines in Sweden for handling recalls of medicinal products from the 15th of March, 2010
22 Mar 2010 China's SFDA strengthens supervision to oxygen supplies for medicine
22 Mar 2010 Australia's TGA Publishes Therapeutic Goods (Multi-Site Manufacturing Licenses) Guidelines of 2010


February 2010

26 Feb 2010 US FDA Expands Commitment to Patients with Rare Diseases
26 Feb 2010 FDA and EMA Agree to Accept a Single Orphan Drug Designation Annual Report
22 Feb 2010 Memorandum of Understanding between PIC/S and Russia / Roszdravnadzor
16 Feb 2010 Global Pharmaceutical Quality Supported by USP Expansion
12 Feb 2010 Australia's TGA released two guidance documents to assist complementary medicines manufacturers to comply with the requirements of the ...
10 Feb 2010 The Danish Medicines Agency's questions and answers on variations after 1 January 2010
10 Feb 2010 The English name of Lyfjastofnun has been changed to Icelandic Medicines Agency.
10 Feb 2010 China's SFDA standardizes the naming of cosmetics
08 Feb 2010 Danish Medicines Agency Reports On Import of Medicinal Products in 2009  Members only
05 Feb 2010 Finnish Medicines Agency Issues New decree on Fimea’s activities subject to a charge 1.2.2010–31.12.2011
05 Feb 2010 Summing-up Conference on Compilation of 2010 Chinese Pharmacopoeia held in Beijing
01 Feb 2010 Sweden's MPA to lead European collaboration on drug effectiveness


January 2010

29 Jan 2010 Questions and Answers on Annex 1 of the GMP Guide, which was revised in 2008. (26 January 2010)
28 Jan 2010 EMA Outlines 2010–2015 Priorities
22 Jan 2010 China's SFDA to crack down on illegal ads with four measures
22 Jan 2010 Danish Medicines Agency Publishes "Guideline on variations to marketing authorisations for medicinal products"



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