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March 2013

13 Mar 2013 European Medicines Agency focuses on new legislation, increased efficiency and transparency in 2013 work programme
12 Mar 2013 British MHRA marks first ever successful prosecution under Good Laboratory Practice Regulations
12 Mar 2013 China Healthcare Outlook: The MOH has Officially Launched the Newly-Edited GMP Standards
11 Mar 2013 British MHRA launches an ‘Innovation Office’ to encourage the development of novel medical products and devices
04 Mar 2013 Canada Publishes Information on Classification of Health Products at the Device-Drug Interface
01 Mar 2013 Tackling medication errors: European Medicines Agency workshop calls for coordinated EU approach


February 2013

28 Feb 2013 Chinese SFDA issues Opinions on Deepening Drug Evaluation and Approval Reform and Further Encouraging Drug Innovation
26 Feb 2013 British MHRA looking to appoint new Chief Executive
22 Feb 2013 British Annual report on regulation of medicines advertising published
20 Feb 2013 Industry and EU clash over medical devices regulation
16 Feb 2013 SFDA issues Technical Requirements for the Study of New Natural Medicines
12 Feb 2013 RPT-Slow approvals put India's drug trials industry at risk
07 Feb 2013 DG Health and Consumers and the European Medicines Agency renew confidentiality arrangement with Japan.
06 Feb 2013 EC establishes Draft Guidelines on the Formalized Risk Assessment For Ascertaining the Appropriate Good Manufacturing Practice For Exipients ...
06 Feb 2013 EC Publishes Draft Guidelines on the Principles of Good Distribution Practices for Active Substances for Medicinal Products for Human Use


January 2013

30 Jan 2013 New Members of the EMA Management Board appointed
30 Jan 2013 SFDA Launches Saudi Code of Ethics for Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products
22 Jan 2013 US FDA Releases GMP regulation for combination products
21 Jan 2013 British MHRA asks for views on new corporate plan
17 Jan 2013 Public consultation on the revision of EU Commission guidelines on Good manufacturing Practice Medicinal Products



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