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December 2012

20 Dec 2012 ICH E2C(R2) Guideline reaches Step 4 of the ICH Process
20 Dec 2012 ICH S10 Guideline reaches Step 2 of the ICH Process
19 Dec 2012 European Medicines Agency reviews its operations and prepares for reorganisation in 2013
18 Dec 2012 European Medicines Agency’s Management Board endorses work programme 2013
17 Dec 2012 US Publishes Strategies for More Successful Drug Trials
14 Dec 2012 Chinese National Institutes for Food and Drug Control qualifies as WHO drug quality control laboratory
12 Dec 2012 U.S. and Canada Working Together To Provide Access to Needed Veterinary Drugs
12 Dec 2012 Order issued ensuring rights/safety of clinical trial subjects in India
11 Dec 2012 Chinese SFDA Commissioner Yin Li and Deputy Commissioner Bian Zhenjia meet with Assistant Deputy Minister of Health Canada
10 Dec 2012 Danish Health and Medicines Authority publishes New guideline: renewal of marketing authorisation for nationally authorised medicinal products
07 Dec 2012 Danish Health and Medicines Authority publishes Annual report on human tissues and cells 2011
06 Dec 2012 British MHRA publishes medicines reclassification guidance
04 Dec 2012 ICH Steering Committee revises the S1 Strategy
03 Dec 2012 U.S. court voids drug rep's conviction, cites free speech


November 2012

30 Nov 2012 Finnish Medicines Agency revises Regulation concerning clinical trials on medicinal products
30 Nov 2012 Irish Medicines Board publishes 2011 Annual Report
29 Nov 2012 Progress towards a joint Australia New Zealand therapeutic products regulatory scheme continues
29 Nov 2012 ICH Steering Committee discusses further reform aimed at increasing engagement of regulators globally and reiterates commitment to importance ...
28 Nov 2012 WHO releases first newsletter tracking its reform efforts
23 Nov 2012 Pakistan Creates New Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan To Regulate Drugs and Medical Devices



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