Who Is Involved in PQLI®

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Product Quality Lifecycle Implementation® (PQLI®) Management Committee (MC) and Technical Committee (TC) members are:

  • Charles P. Hoiberg, PhD (Chair MC)
  • David W. Selby, PhD ( MC)
  • Bob Baum, PhD (MC)
  • John C. Berridge, PhD ( PQLI Project Manager, MC, TC)
  • Bruce Davis, (Technical Team Leader, TC)
  • Ranjit R. Deshmukh, PhD (Technical Team Leader, TC)
  • Joe Famulare (Technical Team Leader, MC, TC)
  • John Lepore, PhD (Technical Team Leader, TC)
  • Line Lundsberg, PhD (Technical Team Leader, TC)
  • Roger Nosal (Technical Team Leader, TC)
  • Christopher J. Potter, PhD (Technical Committee Co-Chair, PQLI Technical Project Manager, MC)
  • Stephen Tyler, (Technical Committee Chair, MC)
  • Joanne Barrick, (Technical Team Co-Leader, TC)
  • George Millili, PhD, (TC)

Dozens of industry leaders participate in various Task Teams, led by:

  • Biotechnology Task Team - Ranjit R. Deshmukh, MedImmune (Chair)
  • Design Space Task Team - John Lepore, Merck (Chair)
  • Illustrative  Example Task Team - Bruce Davis, Global Consulting (Chair)
  • Integration Task Team - Christopher M. Sinko, BMS (Chair)
  • Process Performance and Product Quality Monitoring System Task Team - Joe Famulare, Genentech (Chair), George Millili (Co-Chair)
  • Change Management System Task Team - Rob Hughes, AstraZeneca (Chair)
  • Critical Quality Attributes and Critical Process Parameters Task Team - Roger Nosal, Pfizer (Chair)
  • Control Strategy Task Team - Line Lundsberg-Nielsen, NNE Pharmaplan (Chair)
  • Existing Products Task Team - Christopher J. Potter, CMC Consultant (Chair)
  • Process Validation Task Team – Gretchen Allison, Pfizer (Co-Chair), Joanne Barrick, Eli Lilly (Co-Chair), and Penny Butterell, Pfizer (Co-Chair)
  • Technical Writer - Sion Wyn, Conformity Ltd


Last Update: 29 January 2013


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