History of FDA

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FDA History Page
Provides an overview of the history of FDA. 

Milestones in the U.S. Food and Drug Law History

This page provides a chronology describing some of the milestones in the history of food and drug regulation in the United States. The Story of the Laws Behind the Labels

FDA Centennial 1906 - 2006 This site celebrates FDA's 100 years of service protecting and promoting public health. 

Location of FDA and its Predecessors in Federal Government
Identifies the name and location within the Federal Government of the agency that has evolved into US FDA. 

FDA Leaders and Their Deputies
Provides links to biographical information and pictures of FDA Commissioners and their Deputies. 

100 Years of Biologics Regulation
To mark the 100th anniversary of biologics regulation, FDA published historical data on that century of regulation. Sulfanilamide Disaster

Selections From FDLI Update Series on FDA History

Medical Device and Radiological Health Regulations Come of Age

Animal Health and Consumer Protection

Promoting Safe and Effective Drugs for 100 Years

FDA Research - The Foundation for Sound Regulatory Decisions

FDA History Quick Questions:


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