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New Student Chapter at Indonesia Affiliate Formed

A new Student Chapter, Jatim –Bali Student Chapter, was formed in February 2014.

ISPE Jatim- Bali Student Chapter will cover different Universities in the area of East Java Province and Bali.  Pharmacy Faculty, from Widya Mandala University (UWM) coordinated the effort. A number of Student Members (87) registered on December 2013; updated number as of October 2014 are 96 Student Members. Most of the memberships will expire on 31 January 2014. ISPE Student Members from different schools and Universities in the defined area will join the Jatim-Bali Student Chapter.

The ISPE Jatim-Bali Student Board: Cindy Laurens (President), I Putu Wahyu Pradipta (Vice President), Silvia Septiana (Secretary) and Gerry Andreas Nio (Treasurer).  Membership, Publicity and Programme Divisions will also support the Student Chapter’s activity.   A “Student Champion” for each upcoming University will be   appointed to facilitate coordination as well as programme distribution. To supervise and facilitate their programme, Jatim – Bali Student Chapter has a Faculty Advisor, Dr. Lannie Hadisoewignyo , M.Si., Apt., and an Industry  Advisor, Tulus Tritjamono Tedjasukmono-Plant Manager PT Infion Pharmaceutical, a Pharma industry at Surabaya, East  Java.

The Student Chapter’s Annual programme 2014 consists of Quarterly Group discussions lead by Industry Advisors; in June- July 2014 the Student Chapter Members entered the internship program at selected Pharma industries located at Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya.  The next event will be the Annual Conference for the Student Chapter Members; the main topics covered will be Knowledge sharing, Profession acknowledgement, Membership Recruitment and Fun to enhance teamwork and togetherness among Members.  



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