Nanopharmaceuticals for Effective Management of Hematologic Malignancies – Formulation and Pre-clinical Validation

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Vinu Krishnan, Doctoral Candidate, University of Delaware


Hematologic malignancies, such as leukemia have been studied in great depth at pathological and molecular levels to result in therapeutic advances that attain remission and improve survival in patients subjected to chemotherapy. However, significant proportions of these patients suffer from relapse or treatment related side-effects. This is due to factors that range from drug instability or short half-life to induction of non-specific toxicity. Emerging interest in nanomedicine has resulted in clinical development of 1st generation nanodrugs that have improved pharmacological and therapeutic properties of anticancer drugs. Herein, we engineer and formulate an advanced and novel nanotechnology based drug delivery system that can specifically target and treat leukemia effectively at reduced doses. This could achieve long term implications in sustaining and improving existing remission rates. Based on our preliminary pre-clinical validation; a novel biocompatible platform is established to successfully advance among drug delivery systems of the future to target and treat blood cancers with enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity.


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