Synthesis of an Inositol Glycan Tetrasaccharide for Biological Evaluation

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Jacinto De La Cruz,  San Jose State University


Inositol phosphate glycans (IPGs) are naturally occurring oligosaccharides that elicit insulin-like biological activity. Type II diabetes mellitus is a disorder in which cells do not properly respond to the presence of insulin, a phenomenon known as insulin resistance. In an earlier study, a synthetic IPG, pseudotetrasaccharide , was synthesized and was reported to possess high insulin-like activity in rat adipocytes. However, a subsequent study reported that was not highly insulin mimetic. Our current work is aimed at resynthesizing , with the goal of unequivocally evaluating its biological activity. IPG is being synthesized using the techniques of carbohydrate chemistry from mannose, glucosamine, and xylose precursors. Insulin mimetic glycans have the potential to become pharmaceuticals to benefit patients who suffered from type II diabetes.


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